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Impending Announcement.

Tomorrow (July 30th) is the day that the Minnesota governor will be announcing his recommendations for opening schools this upcoming school year. To say that I am worried would be an understatement. I am not sure I am mentally prepared for another bout of online teaching and learning. The last semester took such a toll on me and my mental health that I am more worried about that than catching Covid-19. Do not get me wrong, I fully support teachers who are fighting for the safe return to classrooms. I also fully support those teachers who cannot return to the classroom due to either having an immunodeficiency or living with someone who does. For them, I will continue to fight for their rights as employees and members of the greater teaching community. But for myself, I am hoping that I will at least be partially in person. 

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  1. I think there’s a lot of confusion amongst everyone in the field, and a lot of flip-flopping going on from day to day.


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