Veteran’s Day and Elections

They were willing to walk through the checkpoints of armed soldiers, armored vehicles, and random searches of their person and belongings. They were willing to die to vote.

The Switch (Finally)

For almost three years now, I have been talking about switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I think the whole process felt overwhelming every time I did research on how to transfer the blog and domain. There was always a list of steps with a bunch of technical acronyms and e-jargon that would intimidate me into putting the whole thing off. Typically, I see myself as technically competent, and I love problem solving and trouble shooting tech problems. But sometimes it is the getting started portion of getting things done that is the hardest part. So, here is to a new medium and a fresh start. Cheers.

Hybrid Teaching

With the first week of hybrid teaching under my belt, I can officially say that I am exhausted and excited at the same time. This week has been great. Being around people and being social were things that I sorely needed. I could never have continued online teaching as a full time job. However, everything is different, and we are having to adapt to a new normal as we deal with masks, socially distanced seating arrangements and a never ending cycle of communications with our students as they transition to online learning every other day.  Occasionally I will watch the show Alone on the History channel. It always amazed me at how many people would drop out of the competition because of social isolation. Now I get it. Even though I was almost never alone at home, I missed all things social, even being in meetings. I never realized how much I needed to reconnect with people until after the first day. Even though I was physically exhausted, I was emotionally recharged by the the …

Impending Announcement.

Tomorrow (July 30th) is the day that the Minnesota governor will be announcing his recommendations for opening schools this upcoming school year. To say that I am worried would be an understatement. I am not sure I am mentally prepared for another bout of online teaching and learning. The last semester took such a toll on me and my mental health that I am more worried about that than catching Covid-19. Do not get me wrong, I fully support teachers who are fighting for the safe return to classrooms. I also fully support those teachers who cannot return to the classroom due to either having an immunodeficiency or living with someone who does. For them, I will continue to fight for their rights as employees and members of the greater teaching community. But for myself, I am hoping that I will at least be partially in person. 


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About Me

My name is Nathan Moldenhauer. Currently, I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) at a High School in the Southwest Metro area of Minnesota and am a PELSB certified cultural competency instructor. I currently hold a BA in Linguistics and will finish my MA in TEFL in December of 2020. My research interests include Systemic Functional Linguistics, Genre Theory, Vocabulary Development, and Equity in Education. 

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