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Repeating Lessons

I’m not sure how long it will take me to finally learn this, but I really need to stop running lessons that are untested. I say this almost every time I tell a new teacher about my biggest mistakes, but I keep on making it. Sure, I could say that today was officially not my fault due to the student teacher having the lesson plan that needed to be modified. But again, it was my call. Yet, I can’t help the sense of relief (relief is not the proper nomenclature for the feeling I get, but it’s the first word that popped into my head) whenever I walk away with a better plan for next time. As I am trying to improve my thinking to be more positive, I’m going to start with what went well. 

My classroom management skills are definitely getting better with every encounter I have. More and more I am practicing the use of holding firm to a solid set of class rules that are enforced without compromising flexibility. By this, I mean that my no-phone rule is for everyone. Everytime. Another rule that I am holding firm to is the assigned seating. This helps because it gets rid of the accusations of favoritism and unfairness. It also makes the classroom function better when the rules are laid out at the beginning and enforced throughout. 

Ok, now for the stuff to work on. I’m going to be honest, today wasn’t one of those days where I felt like I need to work on myself. Today was one of those days where it was the organization of the lesson that pushed it into the grey zone of okay lessons. I read another chapter aloud to the students and went back to translate it into terms they can understand. That went great. What didn’t go so great was trying to create a mobile plotline that students can use to help visualize the story. The problem with this was that we are only 3 short chapters into the story. We needed to focus on characters and evidence for character traits. The plot really hasn’t progressed enough for us to make it the central focus of a lesson. Also, we may need to focus on three plot lines to make sense of the story as it is narrated from two points of view. 

So that will be next week. 

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  1. You have a great passion to learn everything. You are working hard don't think about mistakes. Every mistake learn something. If you have dedication you can do all the things. Your classroom management skills are definitely getting better and going towards right direction. keep foucs on your skills you can help all the students. You should know How to conduct your lessons you should know.


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