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Item Analysis

One thing that I have learned from doing this project on tracking student data for ELLs is that there are many layers to understanding data that is collected. I think that each of the layers are equally important and have been the cause of much of my confusion about how I wanted to track the data. While I previously thought that my issue was the collection of data itself and marking whether or not mastery was achieved on one cohesive document, I was lacking a critical detail in in my understanding of testing for mastery: item analysis. 

What I was not aware of was that item analysis is needed in order to determine whether or not a student has achieved mastery. While I was intuitively doing this, I was not formally performing this action in an explicit way. This is what I have realized that I need in order to fully implement the tracking system. However, there is one last obstacle that I need to overcome. My brain. 

Having ADHD means having difficulty focusing on one thing at a time. I struggle to stay with one target and not shift to other aspects of a project or other projects in general. It is paramount that I overcome this hurdle by choosing a domain or two (at the most) to use as a starting point. What is more, I necessarily must stick with those things until they are perfected before moving on. One part, fluency, will be the first objective because it is already completed on the tracking sheet. It will also be easy for me to gather comprehensive data on creating an item analysis for measuring student growth. The second part is not something I have decided upon yet. I would like to diversify this part a bit by focusing on a skill that has multiple parts to it. This would give me the most bang for my buck in terms of adaptability to other domains at a later time. 

Basically, I must decide between grammar, writing structures, or comprehension. At this point in time, I am inclined to using grammar due to availability of predeveloped materials and information. However, another part of me wants to focus on writing because that is what I have been spending quite a bit of time developing with this class. This would give this measure far more utility from that position. However, I am requiring myself to make a choice and not just try both. Again, I need to choose one thing and stick with it. I need to get better at this. 

Therefore, I am going to stick with writing item analyses for both reading fluency and writing functions. Since I am starting with paragraph writing, I will need to decide today (within the next 30 minutes or so) how these introductory paragraphs will break down, how they will be assessed, and what amount of correct usage will provide evidence for a student’s mastery of the topic. 

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