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Problem Solving Storing Data

Storing student data is something that I have struggled with immensely in my career. Collecting data and examples is the easy part. All I have to do is give a test, ask a question, or tell them to write something. The real issue begins when trying to store examples for later use. For example, today I had students answer a question on a small post-it note. The question was just a simple recall about the story they were to have read during our class today. The problem is that I have two students who were not able to answer the question properly. How can I document what the student is struggling with or needs further help on? Especially when some of these issues are things that may need further investigation, intervention, or even special services. Sure, Canvas can be used to collect information, but I don’t always use Canvas for assignments. The other problem I have with using Canvas is that it’s nearly impossible to create formative assessments on the fly. The set-up alone takes too much time to work out. 

Basically, I am trying to brainstorm some digital solutions to this problem. Part of me is thinking that One Note would work well in combination with my iPad. I could take photos of the assignments and upload them into workbook with a dedicated section for each student. This would allow me to retroactively assess student data and growth, even after I have thrown the the assignment out. There are a few problems that I need to resolve before I can fully transition onto the iPad. 

First, I need to know if I can use spreadsheets in a note document. This is probably the most pivotal part considering how I am tracking data. The second issue is then figuring out how to store the pictures in a way that doesn’t create clutter. I may need to figure out a way to hyperlink to another part. Again, not too sure if this is even a possibility. Come to think of it, the first thing I need to get is a new iPad charger. The school wouldn’t give me a new one because I hadn’t traded in the old one. Someone stole it from my office last year when I left it out. Until I get the charger, I’ll need to run One Note on my laptop to perform all the tests. This leaves me dead in the water on keeping data points. 

Of course, I could always record notes by hand. But as a person with ADHD and many other duties, this is out of the realm of possibilities in the long term. I have tried it before. Three times in fact. It quickly becomes another half completed project that never gets looked at again. This is why it’s so important for me to find something that not only works, but is convenient. One Note offers some hope. 

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