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Right now I am trying to come down from an uncomfortable conversation that I was having earlier. It’s one of those weird things where it starts with question and everything spirals out of control. It’s honestly got me pretty bummed out and tired. It’s really annoying having someone come in and talk about things that they have no idea about. It’s annoying. What is more annoying is when someone takes a question and turns it against you. However, it’s at this point that I need to carefully think about what I want to say. Not because I am worried about losing my job or anying. It’s just that our brains have a way of defending ourselves no matter what we were doing. We as humans have a way of looking over our own faults and focusing on everyone else’s. That’s the fatal attribution error. Plus I could even be having erroneous memories or remembering them incorrectly. Writing is calming. Thinking about how my brain may be twisting my words and actions is even more calming. 

Today went by very slowly. I’m not quite sure why. I just felt all kinds of out of place in how everything came together. Even though all my classes went well, it just felt slow. Maybe it’s because I am feeling the pressure of having other things to get done and needing the time to do them. 

In my EL class, things went pretty well. I think that my game idea was a little half baked for the end of class. It was entirely too much time and not enough structure to begin the section. However, it did work out in the end. The students fell in love with the game. While they didn’t quite understand the rules of asking one question at a time, they were able to produce the target language: sometimes. It’s a work in progress with this group. 

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