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Cherish The Funny Moments

Today was another great day on all counts. I can’t complain about a single thing today. Co-teaching is definitely going smoother now that my colleague and I are planning regularly and working together. Math went fairly smooth once the students were engaged in an activity. Motivation is a huge factor in that class and must always remain a part of how we plan our lessons. In EL 200, many students still struggled to summarize text. I can see some progress, but we will clearly need to keep working at the strategies. 

Also, during my prep, an interesting idea was brought to my attention. We have been pushing the workshop model for all teaching. I realized that perhaps there isn’t enough evidence out there for this model to be used in more than reading and writing. It took me a little bit of searching, but I was able to find some sites that gave more explicit instructions in the model. However, I still have yet to see solid evidence for its use. I really don’t have time to do another full research project when I haven’t even begun my grad school thesis. Checking claims made by educational companies is exhausting. 

On a sad note, there was another school shooting in California. This time, the shooter was able to kill two students and wound some others before trying to take his own life. For a moment when I was reading the news article I put myself into the shoes of the students who must have been scared out of their minds. Imagine being 15 years old when faced with that type of situation. I don’t have the answer to all the gun violence, but this is becoming far too frequent to simply ignore and/or yell at each other about. 

In light of this tragic event, I do want to document a moment that I hope never to forget today. I accidentally produced gas and one student heard me. She started laughing and ran to the back of the classroom. Another student, who did not hear or see, asked her what was going on. In Spanish, another student explained what had happened. Her reply was simply, “Otra Vez?” It would probably be funnier if you knew the student who said it. 

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