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Keeping Organized

I have been struggling with the ADHD spiral for the past few weeks. I spent most of the day in a great mood but for some reason, whenever I get to my fourth block of classes, I feel like a total mess. I am not quite sure why I have this feeling. Actually, that’s a lie. I know exactly what the feeling is about. I am feeling super disorganized in that class. The individual lessons are great. The kids love them and they are learning. However, the lessons do not tie in to an overarching theme where I can successfully show progress and accomplishment.

Today the idea was to get the kids to do some lower level research about potential careers and break down the information by listing the training or education needed to obtain this career. While I am proud of the work the students did in writing (even the students who write very little or don’t write wrote quite a bit of information), I feel as though I have nothing to show for it. Sure, I could open up their journals and identify parts of their writing that need work, but I am not seeing how this ties in to the overall journey. I am probably being hard on myself, but I think I can do better.

In econ, we focused on starting the stock analysis journals. In this experiment, I learned two things. One, always, always, always, give direct instructions on what to do and how to do it when it comes to organizing documents. I left it up to the students how they were to organize their graphic organizers. Big mistake. What I should have done was told them to make 3 copies of the document. One for each company. Now there is a multitude of styles out there that will be nearly impossible to parse. Two, the students still don’t have a grasp on the stock market construct. They were asking some basic questions. We need to do more direct instruction and guided exploration before they will be able to fully understand what is happening to their stocks.

After school, a student stopped by to talk with me. It seems that his life is turned upside down right now because his parents are fighting and accusing each other of various acts. What shocked me the most was to see how this student was affected by these events. Not that I don’t know how home life can impact school, but this student in particular generally has his game face on and puts forward the attitude of emotionless teenager. The conversation reminds me that we are all human and have feelings no matter how much we try to avoid them.

Well, tomorrow it’s time for round two of being an econ teacher. I’m ready. I hope.

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