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New Year. New Blog

This year, instead of having a personal resolution like the one I had last year (Yes, I did meet that goal!), I have decided to work more on this blog and my writing. There is a lot of unpublished content here on The Life Argotic that my ADHD makes difficult to complete. But I am going to try to do better this year.

One thing that I would especially like to work on is just getting more posts out there. The way I would like to accomplish this is by gathering prompts and ideas and making a list that I can work from. As I find new content and inspiration, I will be able to add to the list and keep it working.

Next, I may be moving the host of this blog. It may cost me a bit more per year, but the organization of this site is not very visually pleasing and makes me cringe when I preview my own posts and site. I will be on the search for new hosts sometime before January is over. I do own the rights to this web address, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for me to move around. 

I would also like to change my logo. I know this sounds superficial and ridiculous considering that I don’t even have a company, but I enjoy playing around with logo ideas and getting crafty. I have a few ideas that I have been playing with over the winter break.

Finally, I am going to post the blog on Facebook, every time. This is just a part of my social anxiety that I need to challenge head-on, to be honest, and I want to build more confidence. One thing about confidence that I have learned over the past year is that I have to think metacognitively about it and challenge it every, single day. Sometimes I have to think about it multiple times a day.

So while this year may not be more financially productive (that was last years goal), this year I want to make it more mentally productive and overcome some larger hurdles.

Happy New Year!

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